Monday, January 30, 2023


2:51 PM


Beanie: lock&tuft - Colson Beanie

Hoodie: ardor - down soft hoodie

Pants: Unfolded - Icarus leather pants @ Alpha (Jan 22nd - Feb 18th)

Pose (with coffee cup): CuCa - Morning Coffee @ Thrive (Jan 13th - 31st)


Kitchen: hive - modern farmhouse kitchen

Cups and bowls: BROKEN ARROWS - Anne Kitchen - Display 

Kitchen rod: BROKEN ARROWS - Anne Kitchen - Rod 

Pepper mills: BROKEN ARROWS - Kitchen Utensils - Pepper Mills

Coffee machine: little fox - Martha's coffee bar - Coffee machine 

Phone: Junk Food - 80's Telephone @ Anthem (Jan 3rd - 30th)

Plants: dust bunny - hanging plants - double planter

Toaster: Lucas Lameth   - Toaster with Waffles @ Anthem (Jan 3rd - 30th)

Syrup: Lucas Lameth - Mrs.Syrupsworth Syrup @ Anthem (Jan 3rd - 30th)

Waffle box: Lucas Lameth   - Waffle Box @ Anthem (Jan 3rd - 30th)

Doggo: Rezz Room - American Bully Adult Animesh (Companion) 

Puppy: Rezz Room - American Bully Puppy 

Hands: Rezz Room - The Hand Animesh (Companion) 

Friday, January 27, 2023

Year of the Bunbun

2:45 PM
Year of the bunbun

Scar (right)

Hoodie: Malediction - Toki Hoodie

Bunny: Rezz Room - Rabbit

Adrian (left)

Beanie: Retorika - Bunny Beanie @ Harajuku (Jan 20th - Feb 10th)


Bunny lantern: BADA - Rabbit Lantern (Group Gift)

Donut: Tentacio - Bunny donut

Pose: Foxcity - All you can eat


Tacos: dust bunny - bunny bell - tacos

Bunwrap: dust bunny - bunny bell - bunwrap

Chips n Cheese: dust bunny - bunny bell - chips & cheese

Drinks: dust bunny - bunny bell - drinks

Sushi: dust bunny - kawaii lunch - sushi

Chips: Tentacio - Bunny chips

Marshmallows: Sakura - Chubby Bunny Marshmallows 

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Cash, Money, Cars, Clothes

3:22 PM
Cash, Money, Cars, Clothes


Hat: Represent - The 6lack Cap

Shirt: Varsity - Gabriel Interactive tanktop

Jeans: Maca - Kane Jeans @ Alpha (Jan 22nd - Feb 18th)

Waist shirt: Legal Insanity - Bryan waist shirt

Gloves: Animosity - Ronin Gloves

Arm tats: Animosity - Foreman Tribal Tattoo

Neck tattoo: DAPPA - Seir Tattoo @ TMD (Jan 5th - 30th)

Pose & Tires (part of pose set): Synnergy Tavis - Pose Set #15


Backdrop: ZEROICHI - Maintenance Room @ Alpha (Jan 22nd - Feb 18th)

Cans: BAMSE - The Hacker - Soda Cans

Money: BAMSE - Consigliere - Money Stack

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Ace in the hole

11:24 AM
Ace in the hole


Hairbase: EGX - Rodrigo Hairbase @ Man Cave (Jan 17th - Feb 11th)

Beard: Magnificent - Faded Stache & Beard (for Eon)

Glasses: Cheezu - Double bridge glasses @ Anthem (Jan 3rd - 30th)

Jacket: ERAUQS - Luke Varsity Jacket @ Equal10 (Jan 10th - Feb 5th)

Pants: Cordewa - Male midweek pants @ Access (Jan 12th - Feb 8th)

Boots: Cordewa - Male midweek boots @ Access (Jan 12th - Feb 8th)

Cup/Cigarette: rvn - Take it away

Pose (with card): Animosity Poses - 173 Pose Pack (slightly modified)


Stairs: MINIMAL - May Group Gift 2020

Jukebox: Aardvark - Cheeuh Radio Cassette Player @ Anthem (Jan 3rd - 30th)

Skateboard:  Clover - Skateboard handheld @ Anthem (Jan 3rd - 30th)

Saturday, January 14, 2023


10:39 AM
Trying to find something that has expired


Beanie: Vuk - Ezekiel

Shirt: Vuk - Pulse Ripped Sleeveless

Sweats: Thirst - Harland Sweats

Doggo: Rezz Room - Bull Terrier Adult Animesh (Companion) 


Desk: Nutmeg - Photographer's Desk Set @ Access (Jan 12th - Feb 8th)

Chair: Nutmeg - Photographer's Desk Chair @ Access (Jan 12th - Feb 8th)

Frames: Nutmeg - Photographer's Desk Frames @ Access (Jan 12th - Feb 8th)

Gallery: Nutmeg - Photographer's Desk Gallery @ Access (Jan 12th - Feb 8th)

Tea cup: Nutmeg - Reader's Nook Tea Cup (Bonus Item)

Tissue box: Nutmeg - Reader's Nook Tissue Paper (Bonus Item)

Statuette: Nutmeg - Soft Noontide Statuette 

Snowdrop plant: Nutmeg - Spring Morning Snowdrop Pot 

Cabinet: Nutmeg - Springtide Taupe Cabinet w/Books 

Radiator: Nutmeg - Warm Corner Radiator w/Books 

Vase: Nutmeg - Artist's Alcove Vase 

Clock: Nutmeg - Clock 

Gallery frames: Nutmeg - Home Gallery Frames 

Horse: Nutmeg - Horse Statuette 

Dry flowers: Nutmeg - Memories of Summer Dry Flowers 

Cactus: Apple Fall - Euphorbia Cactus 

Agave: Apple Fall - Potted Agave 

Rabbit: Apple Fall - Silver Antiqued Rabbit 

8mm Camera: KraftWork - Vintage 8mm 

Vintage camera: Venture - Vintage Camera 

Film slides: Venture - Film Slides 

Film cannister: Venture - Open Film Cannister 

Friday, January 13, 2023


12:47 PM
I'll always be your lifeline


Hair: Stealthic - Hysteria

Overcoat/shirt/scarf: Ascend - Graham Overcoat @ TMD (Jan 5th - 30th)

Pants: Ascend - Cavil Pants

Pose: My own


Fancy Fall (Collab between Fancy Decor & Apple Fall) - Camellia Tea Station @ Equal10 (Jan 10th - Feb 5th)


        Fancy Fall - Camellia Etched Goblets

        Fancy Fall - Camellia Ceramic Mugs

        Fancy Fall - Camellia Framed Painting

        Fancy Fall Camellia Candle & Pressed Flowers

        Fancy Fall Camellia Kettle 

        Fancy Fall Camellia Digital Clock

        Fancy Fall Camellia Teacup Rack

        Fancy Fall Camellia Leather Boxes

        Fancy Fall Camellia Books & Objects

        Fancy Fall Camellia Cutting Boards

        Rowley & Fall - No. 1 Tea Machine 

Other items:

Dining table: Fancy Decor - Portland Dining Table

Bowl candle: Fancy Decor - Portland Dough Bowl Candle

Dining chairs: Fancy Decor - Ivan Dining Chair

Place settings: Fancy Decor - Ivan Place Setting

Chandelier: Fancy Decor - Solis Chandelier 

Fountain: Architect - Xander Indoor / Outdoor Fountain @ Access (Jan 12th - Feb 8th)

Glowy plants: Architect - Vellum TV Wall 

Phytowall: Architect - Moon Phytowall 

Plants: hive - potted plants - swiss cheese plant

Cheesecake: Lucas Lameth - Peach Cobbler Cheesecake 

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Fancy like..

12:09 PM
Fancy like...


Hat: BRON - Declan Fedora Hat

Shirt: Reinvent - Tattoo longsleeve

Pants: Cordewa - Male messy pants @ Alpha (Dec 22nd - Jan 17th)

Socks: CheerNo - W23 Socks

Pose: Ana Poses - Mikkelli @ TMD (Jan 5th - 30th)


Fancy Fall (collab between Fancy Decor and Apple Fall) - Renouvea Set @ FaMESHed (Jan 1st - 30th)


        Renouveau Sofa (PG and Adult - MF/MM/FF options)

        Renouveau Armchair (PG and Adult - MF/MM/FF options)

        Renouveau Fireplace 

        Renouveau Fancy AF Neon Sign 

        Renouveau Leaning Art Collection 

        Renouveau Sconce 

        Renouveau Coffee Table 

        Renouveau Bar Cabinet 

        Renouveau Bar Bottles

        Renouveau Berber Rug 

        Renouveau Candle - Midnight Orchid 

        Renouveau Cocktail Equipment Box 

        Renouveau Decanter

        Renouveau Display Easel 

        Renouveau Floor Lamp 

        Renouveau Notebook & Phone 

        Renouveau Side Table 

        Renouveau Slim Notebook 

        Renouveau Slippers 

        Renouveau Stoneware Jug 

        Renouveau Tea Set (touch for tea) 

        Renouveau Tied Books 

Other items:

Artwork: Fancy Decor - Kemsley Artwork (texture change) 

Bunny: Kalopsia - Bunny Foofoo 

Plant: Apple Fall - Begonia Maculata

Rabbit: Apple Fall - Silver Antiqued Rabbit 

Cotton Drink: Ariskea - Sweets - Cotton Candy Red Drink 

Steawberries: Ariskea - Sweets - Strawberry Dip in Cream 

Cake tray: Ariskea - Sweets - Vanilla Fruits Cake Tray

Pugs: Foxwood - Puggies - Cosy pair 

Pizzasnacks: Junk Food - Pizzasnacks Bag (Open) @ Anthem (Jan 3rd - 30th)

Can: Junk Food - Slab Can @ Anthem (Jan 3rd - 30th)

Wall planter: yumyum - Vertical Garden (wood) 

Monday, January 9, 2023


12:24 PM


Hairbase: EGX - Denver Hairbase @ Alpha (Dec 22nd - Jan 17th) 

Skin: Not Found - Neil Skin @ TMD (Jan 5th - 30th)

Face tattoo: Aesir - Devin Tattoo @ TMD (Jan 5th - 30th)

Beard: Magnificient - Faded stache and beard

Body tattoo: DAPPA - Adder tattoo @ Alpha (Dec 22nd - Jan 17th) 

Shirt: Odiren - David Sweater @ TMD (Jan 5th - 30th)

Underwear: Cubura - Mac Jock @ Man Cave (Dec 17th - Jan 11th)


Onsen: Ariskea - Onsen - Natural Japanese Hot Spring

Lantern: Ariskea - Tachi-Gata - Japanese Lantern

Friday, January 6, 2023

Stars disappear to nothing

10:14 AM
Watch as the stars disappear to nothing


Beanie: lock&tuft - colson beanie

Googles: The Forge - Goggles

Jacket: Cordewa - G&G Jacket @ TMD (Jan 5th - 30th)

Undershirt: Noche - Wes Tank 

Gloves: Radix - Yen Gloves 

Rings: ZOOM - Holy Blades Rings @ TMD (Jan 5th - 30th)

Pants (with optional belt): Legal Insanity - Opie leather pants @ Alpha (Dec 22nd - Jan 17th)

Bag: Pare - Peluchito Spiked Backpack @ Access (Dec 12th - Jan 8th)

Sneakers: Semller - Padded Boots @ TMD (Jan 5th - 30th)

Doggo: Rezz Room - Bull Terrier

Taken at Portocovo

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Home for the Holidays

7:20 AM
Home for the Holidays


Hair: No Match - No Licence @ TMD (Dec 5th - 30th)

Jacket/shirt: Ascend - Clark Aged Blazer @ TMD (Dec 5th - 30th)

Pants: Chronokit - Denim Sarouel Pants @ TMD (Dec 5th - 30th)

Doggo (on hand):  Semotion Libellune - Terrier Puppy Holdable @ Arcade (Dec 1st - 31st)

Doggo: Rezz Room - Cane Corso Adult Animesh (Companion)


Building: DRD - Irish Pub - Building (winter edition)

Car: Focus - Xmas Snow Car (part of a pose set)

Trees: hive - fir tree 

Snowman: Sequel - Build Your Own Snowman - Mid Snowball (RARE) @ Arcade (Dec 1st - 31st)

Tuesday, December 13, 2022


1:12 PM


Hat: lock&tuft - Bad Santa

Sweater/tee: Unfolded - Fredrick Cozy Jacket @ TMD (Dec 5th - 30th)

Sweats: Pare - Alto Banana Sweats

Sneakers: Pare - Alto Banana Sneakers

Doggo: JIAN - Snowday St.Bernards 

Marshmallow stick: THOR - Marshmallow on Stick (Access Dec 2022 Gift)


Chair: THOR - Porch Chair @ Access (Dec 12th - Jan 8th)

Firepit: THOR - Firepit Bowl (bonus item) @ Access (Dec 12th - Jan 8th)

Sleigh table: THOR - Cluttered Sleigh @ Access (Dec 12th - Jan 8th)

Giftboxes: THOR - Sleigh Date - Giftboxes @ Access (Dec 12th - Jan 8th)

Marshmallow bucket: THOR - Bucket of Marshmallow (bonus item) @ Access (Dec 12th - Jan 8th)

Bench: Nutmeg - Winter Vacation Bench w/Ski  @ Access (Dec 12th - Jan 8th)

Tray: Nutmeg - Winter Vacation Tray @ Access (Dec 12th - Jan 8th) 

Santa bear: hive - my santa bear 

Doggo: Rezz Room - Bull Terrier Adult Animesh (Companion) 

Hat (on doggo): THIRST - Naughty Santa Hat

Wreaths/garlands: hive - holiday garland

Thursday, December 8, 2022


8:00 AM
Nostalgia is the only friend that stays with you forever

"Nostalgia is the only friend that stays with you forever"

Mirror: Nutmeg - Before the Holidays Mirror @ Tannenbaum (Nov 20th - Dec 23rd)

Table: Nutmeg - Before the Holidays Table @ Tannenbaum (Nov 20th - Dec 23rd)

Basket: Nutmeg - Before the Holidays Basket @ Tannenbaum (Nov 20th - Dec 23rd)

Candles: Nutmeg - Before the Holidays Candles @ Tannenbaum (Nov 20th - Dec 23rd)

Festive decor: Nutmeg - Before the Holidays Festive Decor @ Tannenbaum (Nov 20th - Dec 23rd)

Vase: Nutmeg - Before the Holidays Festive Vase @ Tannenbaum (Nov 20th - Dec 23rd)

Tealight house: Nutmeg - Before the Holidays Tealight House @ Tannenbaum (Nov 20th - Dec 23rd)

Pillow lounging: Nutmeg - Floor Lounging @ Anthem (Dec 3rd - 30th) 

Horse Statuette: Nutmeg - Horse Statuette (Bonus Item) 

Wreath: Nutmeg - Musical Escape Hanging Wreath 

Candle holder: Nutmeg - Musical Escape Ashen Rounded Candle Holder 

Dress: Nutmeg - Musical Escape White Dress 

Vase: Nutmeg - Musical Escape Ivory Vase 

Frames: Nutmeg - Musical Escape Framed Branch 

Books: Nutmeg - Soft Noontide Books 

Clock: Nutmeg - Soft Noontide Clock 

Ornaments: Nutmeg - Wintertide Decorations 

Vase: Nutmeg - Wintertide Pine Vase 

Bookcase: THOR - Winter Library @ Anthem (Dec 3rd - 30th) 

Deer candles: spruce - reindeer tealights @ Tannenbaum (Nov 20th - Dec 23rd)

Christmas tree: K&S - Decorated Christmas tree 

Presents: dust bunny & consignment - tinsel living room - presents 

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Snow on the beach

9:10 AM
Snow on the beach

Scar (left)

Beanie: Noche - Simple Beanie

Sweater/Scarf: AGATA - Ted tops @ Alpha (Nov 22nd - Dec 17th)

Sweatpants: Odiren - Sean Pants @ TMD (Dec 5th - 30th)


beanie: Bad Unicorn - Brampton Beanie Hat V2 @ TMD (Dec 5th - 30th)

jacket/sweater: Maca - Paolo Jacket @ TMD (Dec 5th - 30th)

jeans: Mossu - Chase Jeans

Pose: Sari-Sari - Snow Angels


Bench: kunst - Rustic small bench @ Anthem (Dec 3rd - 30th)

Tea set: kunst - Rustic tea set @ Anthem (Dec 3rd - 30th)

Snowballs: Kalopsia - Gabriel's Snowballs Basket

Ice skates: ionic - Ice skates

Monday, December 5, 2022

Naughty or Nice

10:46 AM
Gotta find out who's naughty or nice


Santa hat: lock&tuft - bad santa 

Hairbase: Volkstone - Ruan hairbase 

Candy Cane: OMY x Puddles - CandyCane @ Anthem (Dec 3rd - 30th)

Jacket: ERAUQS - Henry Puffer Jacket @ TMD (Dec 5th - 30th)

Undies: Muho - Pilulyto 

Chaps: Malediction - Kael Chaps

Hand wraps: Legal Insanity - Hand Wraps @ FaMESHed (Dec 1st - 27th)

Reindeer friend: Tardfish - Chubby Buddy - Reindeer 

Pose (and bag): CuCa Designs - Sexy Santa (arm modified with reindeer)


Cat: Maru Kado - Cat

Hat (on cat): tylie - Santa's Helper 

Stocking (on cat): tylie - Slutty Stocking 

Chimneys: ionic - Rooftop Chimneys & Antennas

Backdrop: Paleto - Don't Panic Backdrop